Friday, June 26, 2009

My Beach Blocks have arrived & "Be Smart"

I have more beach blocks to add to my collection
and they are the cutest little blocks. :o) (Thank you Eula, for hosting a great swap.)
A couple of years ago I was in a swap for beach blocks, but I only did one set. You know, time constraints and all that? Well, I was just in another beach block swap and both sets of blocks play together real pretty.

I have some great patterns for a few more blocks, so I think I'll add to the pile and *then* figure out how to set it and turn these babies into a gorgeous quilt. :o)

All of my quilting isn't *just collecting blocks, but sometimes it feels that way. I have 2 more blocks to add to my "Be Attitudes" collection...
Be Smart is finished, in both colorways. See...
I have to admit that it wasn't very "smart" to put blue letters on a blue background, even if they are different blues. I just didn't realize I had set it up like that until I was fusing the lettering on, and they were the last to go on. Still, I like how they turned out. On to the next set!

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