Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yesterday was a day to play in the front yard

DS#2 and family showed up with the 3 girls and I finally remembered to take photos. They were all having a lovely time. Gracie is wanting to sit up so badly.

Chloe was having a great time on the little slide,

while Lilliana was riding the bike.

Grandkids are so cute!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

make an easy quilt

I am making a quick little baby quilt and I thought I'd make it with you. I wanted to do sashing, without cornerstones and I remembered the first time someone showed me how to do it. I was so excited to have all my blocks line up right without the cornerstones. Why do more work than you *have* to? :o)
So...I started out with 9" blocks (with the seam allowance still showing, it measures out at 9.5"), and just for easy math and because the print was a little larger, I decided to cut 2" sashing.

I had 16 blocks, so I cut:
16 - 9.5"x2" strips and sewed them to the right side of each block.
Now, press the seams to the sashing.

Next, cut:
23 - 11"x2" strips
You get the 11" measurement by sewing the block and sashing together and then measure it.

Sew 16 of these to the bottom of the blocks and once again, press the seams to the sashing. Yes, you will have 7 leftover.

Now, lay the blocks out so that they look good. See that left side? That's where some more of your 11" strips are going to go. Sew them to the first block in each row and press toward the sashing.

You can use any 9" block or even a plain ole' 9.5" square of fabric. My blocks are 30's and WOW, so I used a 30's print for the sashing. I'm not sure if I actually like it, but I already had it and since it still sticks with the theme, it will do.

Lay out the quilt blocks again and you'll see that your top row needs something.

Here's a close-up of the top row.

Notice that there are 3
blocks that have only two sides sashed, but the 4th block, the one in the top left corner, has sashing on the bottom and both sides. It's going to need a little longer sash.
Take the last 3 - 11" strips and sew one across the top of the last 3 blocks in the top row.

The very last block, you know, the one in the top left corner, because it has the block and 2 sashes, if you measure them, you'll find that it needs:
1 - 12.5"x2" strip.

Got all the sashing sewn to the tops of the blocks?
Like this?

Now, sew the blocks for the top row together.

Sew the next row together.

Sew Row #1 to Row #2.

Keep going.....

As soon as all 4 rows are sewn together, you can do the "Snoopy-Happy Dance" because your top is now done. :o) Yay!!!

It should measure about 44" square. You might want to split a piece of yardage that you're going to use for a backing and add in an accent strip. Just a 6" strip of fabric added in will make the back large enough for this top.