Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been tagged. Who's next?

I have been tagged! And now I am passing it along. To the ones I tag, save the pic and then pass it along to your friends with a link back to me. Be sure to let the person know you tagged them in case they miss it. Keep the blog love going!

I've been tagged by Angela. Now, I tag Bonnie and Claire and Abby. :o)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

*My* new bike, not just a generic photo

I did the final paperwork on my bike on St. Valentine's Day, so I get to say that Rick got me a Harley for Valentine's day. How romantic, huh? I got the 883 Custom, as you can see. It already comes with forward controls. I really like them. The paint color is called "Olive Pearl and Vivid Black". It was the only one in the store for the price, so I didn't exactly choose the color, but I really like it. I was planning on getting black because it's the least expensive, but this was even a better price. I could've got a different color, but it would've cost significantly more, because it would have been a newer year. Now, I have a bike. woo Hoo!!! I just need some safety gear.

Ben was so excited when he came home and found 2 motorcycles in the driveway. He kept asking if they were both Grandpa's. Finally, he figured out that the new one was mine, so then he started making motorcycle noises and saying "hat". It took me a bit to translate, but figured out that he wanted to hear it and wear a helmet.

Wren was a little leary of the noise, so while Ben was getting to sit on the bike, she stood back and watched. Hmm... Ben is having too much fun, so of course, she had to have a turn sitting on the bike, too.
I think the helmet's a little big, don't you? :o)

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