Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blue monster is Done!

I made an 8'x7' blue quilt for my little grandson Ben and it's so huge it barely fit on my quilting machine frame. I taught my daughter how to make crumb blocks and she raided my stash to make blue blocks. Then, she raided it even more for the large blue squares. She made the blocks, but I sewed everything together. It was going to be 8'x8', but that was too big, so we took out some of the blocks and I ended up using them in the backing. For those of you that read the previous post where I mentioned about the nasty metallic thread, I can tell you that when I switched to using regular thread, it quilted up very nicely.
I'm working on a flower quilt for his sister, my granddaughter Wren, and when it is done, I'll give both kids their new quilts. I think I'll try to get them finished in time for them to use this summer after they get their tonsils out. Yep, both kids are scheduled for surgery this summer. We already have special pajamas hidden away and now, we should be able to have quilts for each of them, too.
It's so exciting to get another UFO done and off of the "to-do" list. :o)
P.S.-I tried the Math 111 class and sad to say, I need to do a review of my last class before I tackle this one. Advice: do not skip 2+ years in between math classes. You'd be amazed at how much you can forget. :o(

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