Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm a prolific procrastinator

I've been getting some quilts finished lately, but I still feel like I'm procrastinating. Friday, as I was sewing the binding down on Ben's quilt, I realized, "Ack! Tomorrow is the baby shower!" DS#2 and wife is having child #3 and I still didn't have the quilt done. Well, yeah, the top's been done for weeks, but there it sat, right on the edge of the sewing table. Believe me, Saturday afternoon/evening was all about finishing that baby quilt. It's finished and already delivered to the shower. I even remembered to take a picture .
Let this be a reminder to you all... finish that project and don't procrastinate like I did. It's not worth the rush-rush-rush feeling that you have to do to make the deadline. lol

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wants vs. Needs

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do, or
Do without

This is a folk saying that I've heard all my growing up days. My mom was raised by her grand-parents, so they were grown-ups through the depression and grandparents before WWII. They taught me many ways of being frugal and being a good steward of what the good Lord saw fit to give. I know all that, and I can squeeze a penny hard enough to make it whimper, when I want to, but you know what? Lately, I haven't wanted to. Oh, I *do* want to, but I want to spend that proverbial penny, even more than I want to save.
Right now, I'm having a tough time trying to talk some sense into my head. I have a perfectly fine digital camera. A good camera. I chose it and it's been working just fine, for well over a year now, but ... I want a new camera. No, I definitely don't need it, but I sure do want it. I've even been pricing. Beach Camera has the best price. Sooooo........
Does anybody have a clue why I'm lusting after a sweet, tiny camera, small enough to fit in any pocket, or even in the top of my bra, when I've already been blessed with a perfectly fine digital camera already?
I really want that camera and at the same time, I don't even want to want it. Aaaauuggh!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 charity quilts finished Yay!

A mom and her little girl, about a year and a half old, were in need of everything to set up house. They had escaped from an abusive situation, so my contribution was a couple of quilts. I used a few charity blocks, a lot of my blocks and fabric from my stash to make these 2 quilts. Both of them are green and pink and they both have 20 blocks with sashing in between. I thought the mom might think it was nice to have similar quilts. The little girl isn't going to be toddler size for know how fast kids grow, so I made it a bit bigger and then each block is a bit different, kinda' like a super-easy "I Spy" quilt.
Look at the blocks in the mom's quilt. You just might recognize something you have sewn. If you see your block, let me know. I love to find my block in someone else's quilt, too. :o)
The embroidered blocks were drawn up by my very first Quilting Sister. I took one close-up, so that you can see what I'm talking about. They kept my hands occupied for many an hour and now they have the perfect home in this quilt. I hope the words are inspirational to a new single mom.
Wren and Ben both are old enough this Halloween to choose their costumes, so Wren was a princess

and Ben was a pirate. What other costume can you get a cool sword with?

Jack 'o Lantern

When your kids get older, pumpkin carving takes on a whole new look. lol