Saturday, January 19, 2008

January is time for a new start

It's January and we are trying to organize the house so that it's more usable. I bought 2 new lamps and my nephew here is building one of them. The 2 grand-toddlers "helped" build the other one that's just like it. I also fixed 3 lamps that were either broken or needed bulbs. Only one had to be de-commissioned. I would've said "thrown out", but we kept the base and stand parts of it to use to hang a coat on for drying. Now, I'd say that we have almost enough lamps. I still need one by my bed, but that can wait until I find just the right one. I did look at the thrift store, but instead of a lamp, I found 2 nice pieces of fabric; almost 3 yards for $1.10. I also found a cotton blanket for $2.99. It will be an excellent batting for a baby quilt that I'm working on. And the leftovers will probably be enough for about a dozen hot pads. I know, nobody actually needs a dozen hot pads, but I'm thinking that I will make some for gifts.
Tomorrow, I think we will put together some more shelves we got. We were going to do that today, but the lure of the Harley-Davidson store won out. Rick and I went and looked at, and compared motorcycles. I'm still not sure exactly which one I want to get right now, but I did get more information so that I can think about it. This is the one that I really want, I'm just deciding if we can afford the payment. Here's a picture so that you can know what I'm drooling over. :o)

P.S. - The blanket was cotton and king-size and my daughter snagged it for her bed. Since it was so big and nice, I let her. Guess I'll have to use regular batting now, huh?

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