Monday, January 21, 2008

The camo nursery set is finished...

Can you see it? If not, that's because it's camoflauged. lol
I made these for my niece Brandi, down in Arizona. She's expecting a boy and she and her husband really wanted a camo theme, so she sent the fabric to me, and I've been trying to sew it up into something cool. I hope she likes it. There is:
  • a camo comforter
  • a diaper stacker
  • a changing table pad cover
  • a pillowcase, for propping the baby
  • a covered basket, and
  • a non-camo, very nice, large flannel receiving blanket to use as a swaddling cloth

Just in case you couldn't see what they were, I thought I'd make it just a touch easier...I labeled the pieces. OK, I can't really see them either, but believe me, they really are here. :o)


greetingarts said...

Oh that's hysterical, Debi. I'm just going to take your word for it. You could've just put in a bunch of folded fabric with the ends turned under and I don't think I'd know the difference... :0) Did you have patterns or did you just wing everything? Now I know you're a great Auntie on top of everything else!

Angela said...

Didnt you think you were going blind??? Seriously. And if she has a girl instead.....LOL