Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been a long, quilty week-end

Friday, I didn't have to work because it was the end of the semester and a grading day. Then, there was the usual week-end. I decided to try and get some quilts finished before I started on some more that I wanted to do.
This first one is from a challenge from an on-line quilting group. I was given some blocks and got to add whatever other fabrics that I wanted to, to make a charity quilt. I used a bunch of orphan blocks and bits and pieces sewn together to make this one, using the Crazy Curves templates. It reminds me of a crazy quilt, but way easier to put together. It's about 36" square. I had just enough binding scraps from other projects to bind this up.
The pink and green one looks like hollyhock flowers. Someone sent me the top to see if I could make it into a charity quilt. It seems to be a paper-piecing project. Now, it's a nice, warm quilt. I used yellow binding to try and bring out the yellow of the flower centers.
The center part of this little pink quilt of squares was sent to me to use in a charity quilt, so I sewed the seams that needed a little reinforcement, added some borders from my stash (purple looks nice with pink, I think), and used the pink ribbon fabric that was also donated, to round out the top. It's a lot of pink, but I think someone, probably a little girl, will be very happy with it. The very middle square is a super soft fabric, like minkee, and the backing and binding is pink flannel. If it wasn't so pink, I think I'd keep it around just to pet. :o)

Last year I swapped some polka dot blocks. I think they are a fun fabric, good for all ages. Also, last year, a co-worker and his wife had a baby boy. He's the freshman football coach, so I thought and thought how to make a quilt for the baby. I finally decided that I didn't want to make a regular "baby" quilt, I wanted to make one for their son. He loves football and she is so bubbly and up-beat that I decided to combine those 2 design elements and make this top. It's more toddler size, but since he's already 9 or 10 months old, I think the parents will still like it that I am celebrating the birth of their son. It's not quilted yet, but at least the top is done and the borders are added. It's big enough that it's worth the effort to load it onto the Grace Quilting Machine... barely. :o)
Lastly, I finished the quilt for my niece. She's expecting her 3rd baby in March. Her 2 kids are 8 and almost 3. I had the oldest over to help me match up the fabrics for this quilt. (You've met Memorie before, in a previous blog.) That way, she can say that she helped make the baby quilt for her little sister. She's not very interested in quilting, but she's very interested in helping me, so we did it for the fun factor. I thought it was done, but then found out that mom really was hoping for something with Paddington Bear on it. Of course, the nice aunt that I am, had to go buy just a smidge' of Paddington Bear fabric to add to the quilt. That's why there's the top (bottom?) border of light fabric. And even though I think it looks kinda' weird, she's going to love it. I love this pattern. I think it's a interesting way to make an "I Spy" quilt.
Now, I'm off to the store. I need about a yard and a half more Elvis fabric to make the rest of the blocks that I need. I got 60 blocks cut and pieced yesterday, but I'd prefer to have 72. My mom loves Elvis, so I think she needs an Elvis quilt, don't you? :o)


cher said...

it is such a win-win when a ufo quilt is also a charity quilt-way to go Debi!

BusyLiz said...

Debi, you go girl!!!! Wow, did you ever get productive. I didn't get a chance to say anything on Yahoo groups while the topic was still current so popped in to say you did great! Keep it up girl.

Angela said...

Doesnt everyone need an Elvis quilt? Hey if you have any scraps left, can I swap you for someof the focus fabris to make a small wallhanging for my mom. Must be that generation! LOL