Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm plugging away on quilty stuff

First, let say "Woo Hoo!" I finished 50 little postage stamp blocks. #50 is done and in the pile. 1/8 of the way through making all the blocks I need. Oh yeah!

Remember just recently, I posted about needing to repair the kids' quilts? Well, one of them is finished and Wow! did it need a lot of repairs! Several spots in the middle and pretty much the whole outside border. It was cheap fabric, obviously, but it lasted over 10 years. Now, where it was is all covered with patches. I used all the dandelion fabric and most of my collection of orphan blocks to get this one fixed. What do you think?

Today, since it's like 100 degrees, I'm trying to stay in the house where it is a little bit cooler, or at least pretends to be. Time to go back and take advantage of quilting time. :o)

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Liz said...

Go, Debi, Go!!! You're chipping away at those postage stamp blocks. That's probably the best way to get 'er done. Good job!