Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...and I don't even really *like* fishing ...lol

Here's the first fish I caught this fishing trip.

And this one's a little better size.

There were about a million dragon flies.

Here are the 3 that I caught. We will eat them tomorrow. Yum!

We stopped on the way home for lunch. I wanted you to see how big the trees are.
DH, Rick, is standing at the bottom of the tree so you have some perspective of size. It was a fun trip, but I was sure glad to get back home.


Liz said...

Did I miss the cookout? :o) The fish look like they'll cook up good.

Conni said...

Well, look at you..fishing with your pearls on!! Looks like you had a wonderful time fishing and camping!

Angela said...

Girl you are the glamist fisherlady I know! What a great time you all must have had.