Friday, July 24, 2009

fixing quilts

I love to make new quilts, especially the tops, and it warms my heart when a quilt that I made is so loved that it's worn to shreds. Then, I usually have an excuse to make another quilt. Unfortunately, my kids don't want *another* quilt, they still love the raggedy one that they already have. They just want mom to fix it, so that's what I'm working on today--fixing quilts.
Jack's, I took apart and patched the top, but it's going to be needing new batting and a new backing and then very lightly quilted on the machine. Paddy's quilt, on the other hand, has already been patched, so it needs more patches added to it to cover the raggedy-ness. Here is a photo of the quilt and the fabrics that I'm going to use for patches. She loves dandelion fluff, so this is what she requested. It's very light weight, so I decided that maybe I'd better work on them while it's still summer. :o) As soon as this one's done, I'll start on Jack's. A quilter's work is never done. :o)

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