Friday, December 7, 2007

A quilter doesn't quilt every day

This week my back was bugging me, so I finally took a day off to try and let it rest. Part of that "rest" was going to Toys R Us with my daughter and the 2 grand-toddlers. We bought Dora pj's for Wren, age 2 and a half, and a pair of pants with a motorcycle on them for Ben, age 19 months. We also got another Dora video. After watching the same ones over and over...and over, sometimes the adults just need a little variety. Did some other shopping and at a thrift store, managed to pick up some stuffed animals/dolls: a Dora, Boots and Swiper for a total of $6.00. Of course, you know that they had to help watch the new video. :o)

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BusyLiz said...

Hey Debi. Hope your back is feeling better. Love the little stuffed characters you bought. I can see I will need a whole training session when I am a grandma! :o)