Monday, December 24, 2007

Ah...a chance to relax

Nothing thrilling is planned for tomorrow's dinner, but we have plenty to eat.
The house is clean, dishes done and gifts are wrapped, but least the ones that are going to stay here. The rest have been delivered.
So far, the little ones have only got hold of and unwrapped one gift, and fortunately, it wasn't for them. Ben ripped and shredded the wrapping paper while Wren watched. Not bad, considering how it could've gone. After they go to sleep, we'll bring out the wrapped gifts and pile them in the livingroom. I think they'll be surprised and happy. All year we've been teaching them not to rip up paper, but tomorrow, there will be paper shredding galore! What fun!
How blessed we are that we have enough to have something to wrap and even have the paper to wrap it in. :o)

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