Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's that busy time of year

It's been busy around here... the grand-toddlers have both had strep and now are getting a cold. Work is very different, with personnel changes and then there's the usual "get ready for Christmas" hustle and bustle. I was sorely in need of some sewing machine time, so today, I made 4 potholders for my sister, and one for me. Hers are already packaged up and ready to mail, but I did remember to take a picture of mine. It's still technically fall, so for once, I'm on time with my seasonal decor. :o)
Two more days of work and then no school for 2 weeks. Woo Hoo! I am so looking forward to a vacation. That will give me time to get caught up around the home front, I hope.


Angela said...

Oh I am sorry the babies have been sick! And you know the fall thing is just a technicality right? LOL Happy Almost Vacation Time!! Whooooot whoot!

BusyLiz said...

Cute pot holder Debi and more importantly, very useful! I bet your sister is going to love hers. Good job.