Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finally, life is slowing down a little

Math class is all done, Christmas is over, but the last cleaning up of the Christmas decoration is still on the to-do list and the new year has begun. Time to slow down and breathe for a minute before starting on the next big round of activities.
I pulled a
A "B" is nice, but for all the time and homework I put into it, I so should've got an "AAA". lol
A B is plenty good enough. I'm just relieved that I passed. I'm also proud to announce that I got my official acceptance letter to Marylhurst University. Yay!
Now, to go and take charge of cleaning and reorganizing the house and getting caught up on some quilting UFOs. There's no time for any of that when I'm taking classes. Next time, I'll show you pictures of what I'm working on. I know, you can hardly wait, huh? :o)

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