Saturday, November 14, 2009

some sewing machines are home again :o)

I've had a tough time getting all the way through our class' quilting unit. The very last lesson was showing them how to add french fold binding onto our quilted hot pads.

Last week, when I was teaching my students how to quilt, I has just terrible luck. First, my Pfaff stopped working. OK, not a big deal...I grabbed my Janome Jem. Well, that stopped working. Different issues, but still, it wouldn't sew. OK, it's much heavier, but we're doing the last of the class and we wanted to get finished, so I brought the Bernina to class. It worked for about 15 minutes and then it, too died. 3 sewing machines, 3 different issues. I bundled them all into the car to go to the sewing machine "hospital" and drug out my very first, original, New Home machine. That baby, probably made in the 1950s, finished the last of our quilts up and ran as smoothly as you could imagine. Yay! for good old mechanical machines!
The New Home is almost ready to go back into it's case. The Pfaff and the Janome are home safely and the Bernina is still waiting for a hook. Not that I *need* it, but it should be home within a week or so. At least I didn't have to even think about using the treadle machine. There's no way that I could've drug it to school to show the kids how to attach binding. :o)


Conni said...

Boy, I guess when it rains, it pours!! Hope all of the "fixes" were minor, and you are back to cruising on those machines!

Liz said...

I agree with Conni and I'm thinking...."How's your back?" :) Well, at least everybody got a tune up and now you should be ready for a few more years of sewing.