Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deadlines area good thing...Really. :o)

If I didn't have deadlines, I'm not sure these quilts would be done and ready to go for the Saturday celebrations. But first.....

Grandpa was playing with the camera and the little ones wanted him to take their pictures.
Here is a gorgeous one of Ben. Such a ham and so happy.

And here's one of Wren, just four and a half, but looking so much older and so pretty. Beautiful and loveable grandkids. Right?

Well, here's the real picture of them. LOL Yep, this is the "real" Wren & Ben, and now you know why they have the little nickname of the Dynamic Duo.

This is for my nephew's baby girl, Harley. I already showed you the pillow, and now, this quilt is done. "Bunnies and Butterflies" seems just right for a baby girl. These blocks are from a swap I did with one of my on-line groups Back Porch Friends. They're all in 30's fabrics and WOW. I love it that I had enough butterfly blocks for 2 rows and I think thecolors set off the bright butterflies nicely.

I made matching couch for another nephew and his wife for their wedding this coming Saturday. One is lightweight and has a pink backing. The other has, for it's batting, an old fuzzy, polyester blanket, and a brown flannel backing, so it's nice and warm. On the front, though, they are almost twins. I used the Stack the Deck pattern by Karla Alexander. Teh fabrics came from a birthday club FQ swap. The theme was pink and brown. I think they look gorgeous together (that's why I kept the scraps and made the sewing machine cover and hot pads that I already blogged about).

The top one in the winter-weight, while the bottom one is the summer-weight one.

Now, I need to go and sew up a couple of gift bags. I don't want to go and spend $5+ on a disposable bag, when I can repurpose an old sheet and make the 2 that I need. OK, time to get off the computer and get back to work. If I can get everything done today, tomorrow, just my husband and I (and our cameras) will go people watch at the Oregon State Fair.


greetingarts said...

You are so versatile, Debi, it's amazing. Appliqued Harley pillows one minute, pink and chocolate crazy-pieced quilts the next. With a few '30s butterflies thrown in for good measure. They're all fabulous! Don't forget the pictures of the gift bags you made, I wanna see those, too. :0)

Liz said...

Great quilts Debi. The newlyweds will love their quilt(s?) and the 30's butterfly quilt is perfect for a newborn. You sure are on a roll girl.