Thursday, August 13, 2009

charity blocks

I've been collecting charity blocks and making charity quilts for awhile now. When the blocks are all the same size, it's easy to put together a quilt, but when they are very different sizes, getting it together is a bit more challenging. With the blocks and strips that people in my on-line groups have sent, I took all my bits and pieces, and sewed them into 12" blocks. Here are the final results. We have a total of 72 blocks, divided into 4 quilts. Can you spot something that you (once upon a time) sent in? Doesn't it feel good to know that, finally, within a month, these should be real, finished quilts that will be warming a child out there, somewhere? To all of you that donated, thank you for making this possible. Onto the blocks...

This one is for either a boy or a girl.

This one is gor a girl.

This one looks like it would be good for a boy.

And this is just for a little kid, boy or girl.

Through all of this, I've decided that coping strips are an amazing thing. :o)

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