Friday, April 24, 2009

Digital photos are fun!

I took many pictures of quilts that I still need to upload, but these were fun pictures that I wanted to share, first. I took some of my students outside and let them use my camera. They love to take pictures and the assignment of the day was to look for flowers or animals. There aren't usually too many animals around the school, at least slow enough animals that we can capture in pictures, but this little bug was quite obliging. We caught it and it showd the students how it rolls itself up into a little pill shape. Then, we learned how to pick it up by touching it and letting it grab hold with its little feet. It was one of our more interesting lessons. :o)
Looking for flowers, all 3 students found these dandelion fluffs and had a blast blowing the seeds off. They thought it was absolutely hilarious when the seeds would land in my hair and I would pretend to be grossed out. *Yep, it was a silly photo shoot, but they learned and had fun! Don't you wish all your classes were like that?

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