Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I can't believe how much stuff I have in here

The stuff from sewing room exploded all over my living room, in preparation for having the carpet ripped out.

Even more of the "explosion"...

The ugly carpet. Yuck.

The totally cleaned out sewing room, now with oak floors.

I'm so tired of moving so much fabric.

Here is my neat and straightened studio...with Ben helping to show it off.


peggy said...

WOW....that was some job on the room, but in the end you really got it looking nice!

School opens the 3rd of September.
How about yours?

KCQuilter said...

Wow, lookin' good! I so-o-o need to clean and re-organize my sewing room!!

Kate said...

the floors are beautiful and so much easier to care for than carpet. maybe the burn damage will sand out someday when you have them refinished.