Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer vacation starts Today

I had the house to myself for 4 hours this morning, and no work to go to for 2 whole months. What to do? Well, I could...
change the sheets
wash the dishes
fold the towels
wash walls
scrub floors
run errands
bundle up and ride my Harley
call a friend
OR............. make a quilt top.
Yeah, guess which one won out? :o)
I put together all the Orange Crush blocks together into a quilt top. Isn't it pretty? I think it's a beautiful mystery quilt. I do believe I just might have to keep this one for me.

And, a quilter's life is always busy. Earlier this week, I finished this quilt called "Pineapple Pinwheels". I made a quilt about a year and a half ago called Pineapple Blossom and had a zillion little triangles leftover. I couldn't just throw them away, so I figured out how to turn them into this quilt.

Now that I've had my quilting fix, I really do need to catch up on chores again, and I've already been working on them this afternoon, but it's always nice to do something productive, where you can actually *see* the results... unlike the daily household chores. :o)


Angela said...

You are rockin'! Enjoy that down time. You totally deserve it! And it was good to talk to you the other day.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

your OC came out gorgeous - love the colors.