Sunday, June 29, 2008

Date Day in Portland

Yesterday, we went to the play Avenue Q, a Broadway Across America production. It was irreverant, filled with cultural references and absolutely hilarious! It was a wonderful introduction to Broadway plays. In August, I have tickets to take 2 of my kids to see Phantom ofthe Opera. Hopefully, that will be just as wonderful.
After the show, we hung out and killed a few hours and then went to a CD release party. The Bryan Flannery Band released their new CD, Rushing Back, so we listened to the band and bought the CD. I work with Marcus, the drummer, so it was nice to support a friend. :o)
It was nice to listen to the band, too.

Today should be cooler than yesterday. We broke heat records, 100+. Today is should only get to 92. I think it's a perfect day to try and get some stuff cleaned up around here so that I can do more quilting. I've got a binding to finish and a couple of June blocks to do and they are more fun to do with a clean sewing table............ Hey, it could happen! lol

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