Saturday, October 22, 2011

just a peek...

It's been forever, so I decided to just bite the bullet and WRITE.
Life is good. Pretty much the same ole', same ole' stuff, but then less drama is good.
I haven't been getting any quilting, because I've been focusing on de-packratting the house. I watched one too many shows of "Hoarders" and decided that we were NOT hoarders, even though it was starting to almost look like it. :-) Got rid of a bunch of stuff and found a bunch more cool stuff. Unearthed a bolt of pale pink satin and started making dresses and a vest for all the grandkids. Unfortunately, Wren grew too much between the start of the project and now, so I'll have to make a different dress for her. 5 dresses and a vest, just for fun. It will be a great photo op when I'm all done. I'll do my best to share photos.
Both grandkids living here are in school now. Wren is in first grade and Ben is in kindergarten. My own kids did well in school, too. Paddy got her B.S. in Art and Jack's still working toward his B.A. and trying to get into nursing school. And me? I'm just plugging along, one class at a time. This term I'm taking a Geology class. It's all about earthquakes and volcanoes. Fun! I'm already over halfway through reading the textbook.

We (meaning my adults kids) are having a Halloween party next weekend, so that means that we need to get some serious cleaning done. Guess it's time to get off the computer and do it!
Hugs to all of my faithful readers.


Quilting I love said...

Geology was never of extreme interest, but that is what makes us all interesting.
We had a Halloween party this weekend--what wonderful fun. Please post a few pictures of your party. I find it fun to see how others decorate for the holiday.
Hugs, Grace

Angela said...

Knock this thing on? LOL I thought you had posted recently and then I saw the year. Nope. :o)