Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exploring My Town

Rick and I had the day off together, so we spent the day taking pictures. All of these photos were taken within 3 miles of our house. I love Oregon! :o) First, this picture above is the little tree that is right by my car.

Here are some of the leaves. We've already had to rake 3 times and there's still another big huge pile that need raked again. This time of year, I am not happy about having 1/3 of an acre.

Wren and Ben were so excited to show us the rainbow. "Look! Look! You've got to use your camera on THIS!"

The string quilt is finally all the way quilted and bound. See, all my little scraps that I save do eventually get used. :o)

Some of the geese at the city park near our house. We are in a migratory flight path and there are thousands of geese here. They are pretty to look at, but they absolutely decimate the farmer'sfields and they aren't doing the new soccer field a whole lot of good. I hope they keep flying south...more south than this.

This is the path on the way to the pond. I love to walk through the fall leaves, especially if I know I don't have to be the one raking them up. And isn't the moss pretty?

Right in the middle of the photo is a Great Blue Heron. I love watching them, especially when they take off into the air. This one just stood there.

2 photographers enjoying the day. (That's Rick, with the visible camera, and of course, me.)

What a picturesque area.

This is part of the sidewalk downtown. I reminds me of a quilt.

I love this sculpture of a grasshopper...or maybe it's a cricket. I know it's made of metal and is about 6-8 feet long. It's mounted outside the second story of Whitlocks Sewing Center.

Here is another angle.

We had lunch here at Casey's, known for hot dogs. Rick had a hamburger and I had a Coney dog. I've read about them and finally got to try one. I forgot to take a picture of the food.

Here's one of the signs in the restaurant. Cute!

I did remember to take a picture of the drinks. Yum!

The outside of Greenbaum's Quilted Forest (my favorite quilt shop) has a scissor-shaped bike rack. I think the different bike racks makes the downtown area just that much more interesting.

Just one of the many quilts hanging in the shop. (Hey Abby, I thought of you when I saw this.)

I took many pictures of architectural details. I thought the texture was interesting, but I only included these 2 pictures. Above, nails imbedded into a brick wall, and below, many layers of paint and some bolts. I'm not sure, but the photo might be sideways.

And lastly, a beautiful eye-catching little flower. It looked a little out of place so late in the season, but I sure enjoyed the bright little splash of color.

Thanks for exploring my town with me. :o)


Liz said...

Beautiful photos, Debi. I loved touring your town with you and Rick. Except for that big bug. That grossed me out even though it was just metal. lol

Sarah Lynn said...

I like your pictures, Debi! I'm a photography junkie. Your string quilt is striking and pretty; I like it!

Kris said...

Hey Debi - Love your stip quilt!! I am working on my very first one!! And your town pictures are great!! I used to live in Independence a million years ago!!!

Pattilou said...

Wow, some stunning photos! Your completed string quilt is wonderful! String quilts remain my favorite, I think. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

Donna said...

I loved your photos and the strong quilt is very pretty. We have visited your town many time, and I love Greenbaum's. We haven't had lunch at Casey's. Our favorite stop in the downtown area is the Wild Pear (I think that's the name of it).

Deborah said...

I find it fascinating what affects our quilting - your string quilt reflects the colours of your town beautifully

Jeanne said...

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