Friday, February 27, 2009

update on my shoulder recovery

Several of you have asked about me and my shoulder, and such sweeties you are for caring. :o)
I am amazingly better than I was a couple of weeks ago. My flexibility is greatly improving and I'm so grateful for each day's improvement. I still have 3 very sore spots, but considering that they removed 6 bone spurs and ground off 3/8"-1/2" of bone at the end of my collar bone, I think I'm doing pretty good. The bruise on the front of me, in the deltoid muscle, is just about all gone. The bicep is going to take awhile before it can help me do push-ups, and I am now on a first name basis with a new little muscle called a trapezius. Me and that "trap" muscle are having go-rounds to decide who's boss and you know, I'm a stubborn one, but every once in a while, it wins. lol Do you know that moving your arm can cause an "interesting" pain up the back of your head? BUT, I'm really not complaining, just noticing. I can move and I know I'm getting better. And...I know that I will feel much better in a few months. When I even think about getting whiny, I remember what they told me at the doctor's office. "You're young and in great shape. You are going to do great!" I don't always feel particularly young. I'll be 48 in a couple of months, but I guess "young" is subjective. And have you guys seen my shape? Yeah, it's great, huh? :o) But I still like the "young and in great shape" definition.
I have been working on quilting, albeit w-a-y more slowly than usual. Tonight, I finished 3 quilts. Tomorrow, I might get pictures. You know how the knee bone is connected to the leg bone and the leg bone is connected to the hip bone? Well, the way I feel today, the thumb bone is directly connected to the shoulder bone. I learned that while I was sewing the last of the binding down on a quilt. I know, I should've stopped, but I was so close to done. You all know how that is , don't you? :o)
Now, I'm going to stop yapping and get away from this computer. I've maxed out my typing abilities for the day and it's time to be lazy, prioritize tomorrow's activities and get some much needed rest.


Liz said...

Debi, I'm 52 now and you probably weigh less than me so look, you are young and in great shape!!! LOL You're right. It's the perspective. It probably has to do with their bulk of patients. Take it easy and get better.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Shoulder surgery is one of the worst, I know! But after six months or so you can again sleep on that side, hand sew, wave!