Monday, January 19, 2009

I am a photo-saving procrastinator

so, today, I don't have any new quilt photos to share. I've thought about posting on my blog, but so much happens that I'm never sure what you all would want to hear about. I love to post photos, too, but I have such a time getting photos out of my camera lately. Know why? Because I have every photo taken since August ... 2007 still on my camera card. I have most of them on computer, but whenever I take a new picture and want to upload it, I have to upload all 700+ photos in front of the new ones first. What a pain! And I can't bring myself to delete them off of the camera until I have them saved to disk. In the past, my computer had a habit of deleting itself and I don't want to lose all photos, so I know that at least I'll have these. Maybe I had just get myself in gear and stop procrastinating and deal with them. So, anybody know how many CDs I'll have to burn to save all of them? LOL
So, instead of showing you the latest quilt I've been working on, I'll show you some special people to me.
First, here are my friends Sharon & Dolph. They came on New Year's Day to visit, all the way from the east coast. I can't believe how much I missed them until they were here. I am *so* going to have to get myself to the east coast.

He has been my friend since I was a freshman in high school. We figured out that, other than family, we are the friends that we've each known the longest. Almost 33 years. He and Sharon got married about a month and a half before Rick & I did, so next year, we'll both be celebrating our 25th anniversary. (Photo of Rick to follow.)
Now, here's a picture of Jamie and Ben (nephew & grandson), with Jack (son) and his friend Elena in the background. Here is a better photo of Jack and Elena. :o)

We were all at an anniversary party for my sister, Sheri, Jamie's mom. She and her husband had a renewing of vows and it was a very special day for her.
Here is Sheri and my daughter, Paddy.

Have I told you about my sister-in-law? Well, here she is, the other "Debbie" B.

I'm Debi and she's Debbie. Same last name, too. We are married to brothers. We used to live together, and we share the same doctor's clinic and shoulder specialist's office. She has freaked out the people at my work by calling and saying "This is Debbie B. Can I talk to Debi B?" And when we go shopping, she's always ready to pull out her driver's license to prove *my* identity. lol As you can see, we're practically twins. lol

While I was browsing for photos, I found this one and had to include it. Jamie and Rick, my sweetie. I think they're getting ready to go outside.

So, even though there are no quilty photos today, at least there are some photos. Blogging will be a whole lot easier to do once I get my photos taken care of. I also have several quilts to photograph.
... maybe next time ...


Conni said...

So many wonderful blessings to count! To be so rich with family and friends!

Jane said...

Have you tried to down load Picasa. it apparently means little picture and is very good for use with blogs and emails.
It downloads the photos from your camera and then you can choose to delete them from the camera or not.
It is very easy to use.
Just google Picasa.
I have used it for a couple of years now.