Friday, November 21, 2008

Wants vs. Needs

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do, or
Do without

This is a folk saying that I've heard all my growing up days. My mom was raised by her grand-parents, so they were grown-ups through the depression and grandparents before WWII. They taught me many ways of being frugal and being a good steward of what the good Lord saw fit to give. I know all that, and I can squeeze a penny hard enough to make it whimper, when I want to, but you know what? Lately, I haven't wanted to. Oh, I *do* want to, but I want to spend that proverbial penny, even more than I want to save.
Right now, I'm having a tough time trying to talk some sense into my head. I have a perfectly fine digital camera. A good camera. I chose it and it's been working just fine, for well over a year now, but ... I want a new camera. No, I definitely don't need it, but I sure do want it. I've even been pricing. Beach Camera has the best price. Sooooo........
Does anybody have a clue why I'm lusting after a sweet, tiny camera, small enough to fit in any pocket, or even in the top of my bra, when I've already been blessed with a perfectly fine digital camera already?
I really want that camera and at the same time, I don't even want to want it. Aaaauuggh!


greetingarts said...

I don't think I'll be helping much, but... I had a perfectly good digital camera, too, but for my birthday my husband bought me a tiny one that fits in my pocket (haven't tried the bra, don't know about that) and I *love* it. It's totally increased my photo taking, and what's the point of having a camera if it's too bulky for you to bring with you all the time? To me, it's not the big occasions that produce the most meaningful pictures, it's the every day events, the "oh, look how cute that is" and with the teeny camera maybe you'll be able to capture them that much easier...

Anyway, what's wrong with treating yourself once in a while? You deserve it, Debi. :0)

Angela said...

Perhaps call it a family Christmas present??? It is sharp looking that is for sure!

Jane said...

I have a cute little Minolta DiMage but I want, long for, must get SLR again.
So a digital SLR is definately one I can have and keep my baby always in my purse.