Sunday, April 13, 2008

it only took a year +

I finally got a quilt finished. I've been planning it and working on it, occasionally, for awhile, but decided that it was time to get it FINISHED. This little quilt is for a co-worker's baby boy. When the baby was born, I didn't bring anything to the shower because I wanted to make something a little larger than for an infant. The baby turned one last week-end, so it was about time I got it done, don'tcha' think? LOL The co-worker is also a football coach, so I bought football fabric for the border, and the little new owner of the quilt was so excited. He grabbed his quilt and hugged it and said "Ball!" over and over. I'm happy it was a hit.
There was enough leftover fabric, that I used for the backing, to make me 3 pillowcases, so I have a picture of them, too. I'm not overly fond of Mickey Mouse, but I am very fond of using up my scraps and stash in a useful manner. :o)